With my Personal Development Coaching, I can help you change your life in a positive direction and provide you with new perspectives to increase your overall happiness & enjoyment of life.

Maybe you’re stuck at a crossroads with a decision. Maybe you’re not sure what to do in a certain situation. Maybe you have some sort of random problem that you want unbiased advice for. Or maybe you just need someone to talk to in general so that you can find your way again. Rest assured, whatever problem you are facing, I can help you tackle it! -Trina

If you need advice NOW, you can call me direct at 1-855-683-5433 (CLICK HERE to learn how this works) – or – you have the a option of ordering one of these other coaching packages below. I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order.


(1) COACHING CALL (up to 60 minutes)

Having a problem and need to talk to me ASAP? I will contact you within 24 hours so that we can set up a time for a call. You can ask for advice on any topic: personal development, family, friends, relationships, career, whatever is causing you stress…anything! Or maybe you just need someone to talk to or vent to. It can do a world of good to just talk to someone who won’t judge you, with the goal of being a positive influence in your life.

DETAILS: Individual one-time fee per call – up to 60 minutes. You can order this package as many times as you like, whenever you need someone to talk to.

COST: $49.00 USD


(2) EMAIL Q&A – Ask ONE Question by Email & Get an Answer within 24 hours

  • Perfect for someone looking for advice about a specific situation to know how to best deal with or react to a certain situation
  • Ask any type of question in which you are seeking advice about, including relationship advice (as I am also a Breakup and Relationship Coach)
  • Describe your situation in detail (include who is involved, ages)
  • I will reply to you within 48 hours with a lengthy and detailed email (I put lots of time into this)
  • Ensure you include all pertinent details – who is involved, what happened, your main concern, and your question for me


After placing your order, please email me your question to trina@randomlifeadvice.com with “Q&A Package” in the subject line of your email.

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